Rules-Gentle Reminder Poster

Following discusion at Committee on the 10th January 2011 it was agreed that a poster would be created and sent to all clubs. 

Click to view and print a PDF version of the poster

 Gentle Reminder Poster

It is taken as read that all league games are played in good spirit and fairness: however, sometimes we get carried away and forget some of the rules: long/lawn bowls and the ESMBA rules may differ so here is a gentle reminder of some EKSMBA rules so we can avoid some of the most common errors:

The visiting team will be given the choice whether to go first or second. It is not permissible to “give the jack away” at any other time during the match

No player should follow their woods up across the nearest dead-line

When marking woods only spray chalks can be used. 

Woods should not be touched or handled once at the head (unless removing chalk marks from non-touchers)

Only one player shall be allowed on the mat at the head at any one time; and only when their side is in possession of the rink mat.

Verbal and visual warning must be given and acknowledged before playing weighted shots

Foot Faults should be called by those at the delivery end i.e. if any part of the standing foot is outside the delivery mat at the time of delivery on the fender, overlapping the edge of the mat or if any part of the leading foot touches the delivery line.

The ‘Foot Faults‘ rule does not necessarily apply to disabled bowlers.  For guidance see Rule 42 and Appendix 1 Bowlers with Bowling Difficulties of the Constitution Rules and Penalties.

If Leads and Twos change, communication to the skip must come from the new number Two

A Skip may not stall at the head to watch their opponent bowl. If either skip visits the head before both skips have played their first bowl their next bowl will be stopped and removed from the mat.  (A skip can only visit the head when it is their turn)

30 seconds should elapse, if requested, when the last bowl of an end comes to rest. No player should walk on the live area this time

Neither jack nor bowls should be moved until both sides agree the result. The player conceding the shot(s) should remove these bowls from the rink mat

Changing woods after Roll Up but before game starts is permissible

Neither by word or act shall spectators disturb or advise players

It is recommended that all players should take time to read/re-read the rule book

Every club has a copy of the Rules and Constitution: These can also be found on our website, follow the sidebar link on the Home page.

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