Moving forward with indoor bowling 2021/2022


Note: The Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting can be viewed by clicking on the side bar link – This Season Association Minutes


Dear Club Officers

With lockdown now coming to an end I know that clubs are wanting to return to indoor bowling with many clubs having been unable to bowl for such a long time.
Following a committee meeting last evening the Association is to hold a meeting to discuss the way forward for this coming season.

The extraordinary meeting will be held at
Minster Village Hall (situated at the bottom of the High Street directly opposite the parish church)
The date Thursday 2nd September 2021
Time 7.30p.m.
We have chosen this venue as the main hall is large and airy with a high ceiling and many windows to open and the caretaker sanitisers all chairs before they are put away from previous use.

It is important that the representative attends from all clubs or sends someone else in their place.
When the representative attends can they please bring the following
New updated paperwork showing club officers (so we can keep the website updated)
Registration and insurance fees (total £20)
Any outstanding trophies the club still holds
Many thanks
Diane Harris
Hon Secretary EKSMBA

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