Covid-19 Re-Starting Bowls September 2020

Dear Club Officers 
At this time and because the Government announced change on the Rule of 6, we are unable to have a meeting due to the Covid 19 situation but the officers would just like to keep you updated. 
For those that haven’t heard or seen today’s announcement (22/9/2020), the exception for indoor sports from the Rule of 6 has been cancelled so we are now limited to 6 in a game. In addition, the penalty for breaking this rule has been increased to £200 
Some of you may have heard that Bryan Nicholson has resigned the position of league secretary. The committee thanks him for all that he has done in passed for the Association
I know that some clubs are keen to return to short mat bowling which is why we sent out a suggested guide to bowling and from which we have nothing but positive feedback. However, Bryan felt that we were confusing members as the overall picture to return to bowling was not complete and he wanted us to join up with the English Short Mat Bowls Association which can only happen if you are a member of Kent County SMBA which we are not. The officers voted to stay independent so as to keep down the unnecessary extra cost to our clubs. 
As most people are aware dealing with government bodies takes time to obtain approval. 
With the new guidelines in conjunction with information given out earlier we have now attached forms which with a little adjustment depending on your club venue needs to be completed and placed on display at the venue for you to continue bowling safely at club level.  All clubs should keep your own track and trace forms for 21 days 
We will not be able to hold any friendlies/competitions at this time and unfortunately all league games will not take place this season. 
Yours sincerely 
EKSMBA Committee

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Amendment June 2021: The attachments are now out of date and have been removed

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