Association Chairman Resigns

A meeting of the EKSMBA committee was held on Friday 28th of August to discuss how to go forward to play short mat bowls this season. Chairman Paul Brown MBE had been in contact with the English SMBA and was of the opinion that we should affiliate to their association to get their licence and insurance, but this would cost each of our clubs an extra £30+ insurance per year. Barry spoke to their chairman Barry Hedges who had no objections to us as an independent group using their guide lines for safer bowling so Barry wrote a suggested 17 point guide line which is not set in stone It is just a guide which some clubs may choose to follow or they may have other ideas depending on the halls they hire but Paul would not accept this despite being almost identical. 
Joining the English SMBA would not stop anyone from catching covid-19 as it is an act of God and no amount of insurance would protect anyone. 
The East Kent Short Mat Bowls Association has been an Independent Association since 1986 with its own insurance and has successfully run all these years without the need to join any other Association. Members of the committee felt it was too much to ask for each of our clubs to pay an additional £30+ per year to obtain a licence which in most occasions will not be needed. There would also be a query regarding our league and knockout games? 
Paul was insistent that we joined them so members of the committee had a vote with the majority wanting to stay independent and losing the vote Paul Browning MBE immediately resigned as chairman. The committee would like to thank him for all the work he has done in the past for EKSMBA
At the moment our President Hugh Bradbury will be overseeing the committee. 
Diane Harris 
Hon Secretary EKSMBA 

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