Committee July 2020

July 2020

The EKSMBA committee have at last managed to have a meeting to discuss both the finalising of the 2019-20 season and to look forward, in these uncertain times, to how we are going to proceed for the 2020-21 short mat season

With no presentation evening it was decided that for this year only the winners and runners up in the league, the winners of the oyster cup, both mens’ and ladies’ singles winners and runners up and the winners and runners up in the pairs’ competition will each receive some money. It will then be up to the individual whether they want to keep the money or purchase their own trophy. Hugh Bradbury will be sorting this out in due course and be in touch with the clubs concerned.

With regards to the Hugh Bradbury Triples competition which had to be cancelled in March can those members who paid to play please contact Brian Castle as to whether you would like your money back or to carry it over to the next competition

A proposal at the pre-AGM suggested that we would not print a new address and fixtures booklet. Unfortunately the AGM was cancelled and no decision taken. In the meantime, if any club would like a booklet The Association Secretary has been keeping any changes up to date so any club who would like an email copy should let her know.

The Committee would like to welcome The Eastry Short Mat Bowls Club who will be joining our Association for the 2020-21 Season as an Affiliated Club.

The Committee has considered the coming season and as the future is proving uncertain at the moment and in view of a possible 2nd wave of the Coronavirus have decided to cancel all league matches until further notice.

There will be no Oyster cup competition in November 2020 and competitions for next year will be reviewed towards the end of 2020

It will be up to clubs to satisfy government guidelines and the requirements of their venue before conducting their roll up games. It is worth remembering that over 80% of our membership is over 65, of which many will have been shielding for weeks. It is our duty not just to protect our membership but also their local communities. Members will have the right to decide if they wish to resume or not and should not feel pressured. 

The League Secretary has confirmed the results of the 2019-20 League Season

League 1  

Winners – Herne Bay Hurricanes

Runner Up – ARCA Lambs

Going Down will be Whitstable Pearls & Sturry Skylarks

 League 2

Winners – Boughton Acorns

Runner Up – Aylesham Starlings

Going Down will be Macknade Monarchs & Minster Monks

League 3

 Winners – Herne Bay Lancasters

Runner up – Chislet Labradors

 This year we had to make a decision to close the leagues early due to covid 19 for the safety of our members and as only a hand full of games remain it was agreed that those games would be classed as a draw, this made no difference to the winners of the leagues or who went down, and was the fairest way of closing the season down. 


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