Constitution and Rule Changes 2019-20 Season

Four changes to the Associations constitution and rules were proposed and agreed at the 2019 AGM.

In essence these changes are intended to achieve the following.

1. To allow a Skip to allocate responsibility for completing his sides scorecard, to himself or any member of his team. This is intended to allow any member of a team to complete the teams scorecard, rather than the second as now and to prevent off mat interference from spectators or other players.

2. To allow Club shirts to be worn as an alternative to the whites and greys as presently allowed.

3. To clarify the rule covering foot placement at bowl delivery. A diagram will be included to indicate the restricted area for foot placement, designated the delivery area and to include the delivery mat.

4. To extend the warning required when Forcing, Running and Hard shots are to be played. Protecting the health and safety of players at the receiving end and allowing time for the position of lying bowls to be noted.

These changes will be reflected in an amended addition of the Constitution and Rules to be published before the season starts in October.

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