EKSMBA League 2018-19

This post shows the league structure for the new season. The website is currently being updated to reflect these changes and the Results, Individual Team Results and Division Tables will be available to view and print after the season starts in November. The new season Fixtures pages will be available later when the dates have been agreed and then can be viewed and printed. Just click on the sidebar links in the Website’s Home page.
New Teams joining or rejoining the League this year

Division One
Arca Lambs
Aylesham Starlings
Capel Kiwis
Herne Bay Hurricanes
Hoverspeed Penguins
Minster Hinds
Sturry Skylarks
Sturry Squirrels
Swalecliffe Swallows
Whitstable Oysters
Whitstable Pearls

Division Two
Aylesham Magpies
Aylesham Warblers
Barham Bears
Canterbury Choughs
Chilham Herons
Eastling Cherries
Herne Bay Spitfires
Minster Abbots
Sturry Seals
Swalecliffe Seagulls
Wingham Warlords

Division Three

Boughton Acorns
Boughton Challengers
Boughton Courtenays
Broadstairs and St Peter’s Buzzards
Canterbury Bells
Canterbury Tales
Chislet Labradors
Macknade Monarchs
Minster Monks
Preston Pirates
Whitstable Winkles

Ash Angels, Ash Archers and Beaksbourne Dodgers have withdrawn from the league this season.

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