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Published on Sunday, December 20th, 2009

It is intended that the noticeboard will be the place to find all the information that is regularly changeable, to save us keep altering the main website.
On here you will find:
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We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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Mats for sale

Moving forward with indoor bowling 2021/2022

Covid-19 Re-Starting Bowls September 2020

Association Chairman Resigns

Committee Update August 2020

Committee July 2020

All League and Association Activity Suspended

Hugh Bradbury Triples Postponed

Short Mat Bowls Breaks at Potters 2020

EKSMBA Presentation Evening 2020

Committee Dates 2019-20

Competition Dates 2019-20

Constitution and Rule Changes 2019-20 Season

Scorecards Another Reminder

How To Complete A Scorecard

Presentation Evening 2019 Pictures

EKSMBA Picture Galleries

Archive Photos

Website Changes 2014

Use of New Non-Chip Jacks

Rules-Gentle Reminder Poster

Notice to Clubs – Updates to Club Pages

Mats For Sale

Published on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

The Staple Club have decided to close and have 2 nearly new mats and other equipment for sale.

Anyone interested should contact Brenda Baker using the email link on the Staple SMBC Club Page. Use the sidebar link to access their Club Page.

Moving forward with indoor bowling 2021/2022

Published on Wednesday, July 21st, 2021


Note: The Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting can be viewed by clicking on the side bar link – This Season Association Minutes


Dear Club Officers

With lockdown now coming to an end I know that clubs are wanting to return to indoor bowling with many clubs having been unable to bowl for such a long time.
Following a committee meeting last evening the Association is to hold a meeting to discuss the way forward for this coming season.

The extraordinary meeting will be held at
Minster Village Hall (situated at the bottom of the High Street directly opposite the parish church)
The date Thursday 2nd September 2021
Time 7.30p.m.
We have chosen this venue as the main hall is large and airy with a high ceiling and many windows to open and the caretaker sanitisers all chairs before they are put away from previous use.

It is important that the representative attends from all clubs or sends someone else in their place.
When the representative attends can they please bring the following
New updated paperwork showing club officers (so we can keep the website updated)
Registration and insurance fees (total £20)
Any outstanding trophies the club still holds
Many thanks
Diane Harris
Hon Secretary EKSMBA

Covid-19 Re-Starting Bowls September 2020

Published on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Dear Club Officers 
At this time and because the Government announced change on the Rule of 6, we are unable to have a meeting due to the Covid 19 situation but the officers would just like to keep you updated. 
For those that haven’t heard or seen today’s announcement (22/9/2020), the exception for indoor sports from the Rule of 6 has been cancelled so we are now limited to 6 in a game. In addition, the penalty for breaking this rule has been increased to £200 
Some of you may have heard that Bryan Nicholson has resigned the position of league secretary. The committee thanks him for all that he has done in passed for the Association
I know that some clubs are keen to return to short mat bowling which is why we sent out a suggested guide to bowling and from which we have nothing but positive feedback. However, Bryan felt that we were confusing members as the overall picture to return to bowling was not complete and he wanted us to join up with the English Short Mat Bowls Association which can only happen if you are a member of Kent County SMBA which we are not. The officers voted to stay independent so as to keep down the unnecessary extra cost to our clubs. 
As most people are aware dealing with government bodies takes time to obtain approval. 
With the new guidelines in conjunction with information given out earlier we have now attached forms which with a little adjustment depending on your club venue needs to be completed and placed on display at the venue for you to continue bowling safely at club level.  All clubs should keep your own track and trace forms for 21 days 
We will not be able to hold any friendlies/competitions at this time and unfortunately all league games will not take place this season. 
Yours sincerely 
EKSMBA Committee

Click a link to view and print attachments

Amendment June 2021: The attachments are now out of date and have been removed

Association Chairman Resigns

Published on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

A meeting of the EKSMBA committee was held on Friday 28th of August to discuss how to go forward to play short mat bowls this season. Chairman Paul Brown MBE had been in contact with the English SMBA and was of the opinion that we should affiliate to their association to get their licence and insurance, but this would cost each of our clubs an extra £30+ insurance per year. Barry spoke to their chairman Barry Hedges who had no objections to us as an independent group using their guide lines for safer bowling so Barry wrote a suggested 17 point guide line which is not set in stone It is just a guide which some clubs may choose to follow or they may have other ideas depending on the halls they hire but Paul would not accept this despite being almost identical. 
Joining the English SMBA would not stop anyone from catching covid-19 as it is an act of God and no amount of insurance would protect anyone. 
The East Kent Short Mat Bowls Association has been an Independent Association since 1986 with its own insurance and has successfully run all these years without the need to join any other Association. Members of the committee felt it was too much to ask for each of our clubs to pay an additional £30+ per year to obtain a licence which in most occasions will not be needed. There would also be a query regarding our league and knockout games? 
Paul was insistent that we joined them so members of the committee had a vote with the majority wanting to stay independent and losing the vote Paul Browning MBE immediately resigned as chairman. The committee would like to thank him for all the work he has done in the past for EKSMBA
At the moment our President Hugh Bradbury will be overseeing the committee. 
Diane Harris 
Hon Secretary EKSMBA 

Committee Update August 2020

Published on Friday, August 7th, 2020

Dear Officers

I should just like to clarify that the current committee will continue to run until such a time as we can safely have an AGM

Details from the British Short Mat Bowling Association, The Kent County Short Mat Bowling Association and the English Short Mat Bowling Association (see attachment). Do not support indoor bowling at this time and it is currently looking unlikely in the future for this year,

Kind regards

Diane Harris

Hon Secretary EKSMBA



Committee July 2020

Published on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

July 2020

The EKSMBA committee have at last managed to have a meeting to discuss both the finalising of the 2019-20 season and to look forward, in these uncertain times, to how we are going to proceed for the 2020-21 short mat season

With no presentation evening it was decided that for this year only the winners and runners up in the league, the winners of the oyster cup, both mens’ and ladies’ singles winners and runners up and the winners and runners up in the pairs’ competition will each receive some money. It will then be up to the individual whether they want to keep the money or purchase their own trophy. Hugh Bradbury will be sorting this out in due course and be in touch with the clubs concerned.

With regards to the Hugh Bradbury Triples competition which had to be cancelled in March can those members who paid to play please contact Brian Castle as to whether you would like your money back or to carry it over to the next competition

A proposal at the pre-AGM suggested that we would not print a new address and fixtures booklet. Unfortunately the AGM was cancelled and no decision taken. In the meantime, if any club would like a booklet The Association Secretary has been keeping any changes up to date so any club who would like an email copy should let her know.

The Committee would like to welcome The Eastry Short Mat Bowls Club who will be joining our Association for the 2020-21 Season as an Affiliated Club.

The Committee has considered the coming season and as the future is proving uncertain at the moment and in view of a possible 2nd wave of the Coronavirus have decided to cancel all league matches until further notice.

There will be no Oyster cup competition in November 2020 and competitions for next year will be reviewed towards the end of 2020

It will be up to clubs to satisfy government guidelines and the requirements of their venue before conducting their roll up games. It is worth remembering that over 80% of our membership is over 65, of which many will have been shielding for weeks. It is our duty not just to protect our membership but also their local communities. Members will have the right to decide if they wish to resume or not and should not feel pressured. 

The League Secretary has confirmed the results of the 2019-20 League Season

League 1  

Winners – Herne Bay Hurricanes

Runner Up – ARCA Lambs

Going Down will be Whitstable Pearls & Sturry Skylarks

 League 2

Winners – Boughton Acorns

Runner Up – Aylesham Starlings

Going Down will be Macknade Monarchs & Minster Monks

League 3

 Winners – Herne Bay Lancasters

Runner up – Chislet Labradors

 This year we had to make a decision to close the leagues early due to covid 19 for the safety of our members and as only a hand full of games remain it was agreed that those games would be classed as a draw, this made no difference to the winners of the leagues or who went down, and was the fairest way of closing the season down. 


All League and Association Activity Suspended

Published on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Dear member on 16th March 2020
In consultation with the League Secretary and the Committee it has been decided that as from today all outstanding league matches should be cancelled and classed as a draw, giving each team 3 points in each game not played.
In addition, in light of Government advice today, we will postpone
1- the AGM
2- the Presentation Evening
It is with sincere regret that we have to make this decision but we only have the interests of all the clubs and their members to heart.
I personally, on behalf of all your committee, wish every single member a healthy return when the time is appropriate.
Paul Browning MBE

Hugh Bradbury Triples Postponed

Published on Saturday, March 14th, 2020

To all members
It is with regret that your Committee, in conjunction with the Competition Secretary, will be postponing the Hugh Bradbury Triples on Saturday March 21st as we have a duty of care to all members in light of the current health situation.
One team player from each team entered will still be contacted by phone as a follow up measure.
Paul Browning MBE

Short Mat Bowls Breaks at Potters 2020

Published on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

The Norfolk Short Mat Bowls Club are organising two short mat bowls competitions at Potters in May and September 2020.
Full details and booking forms can be found on their website.
Use our links page to access their website and then the details can be found using the Information tab and then by selecting Open Competitions. The May competition is restricted to over 50s

EKSMBA Presentation Evening 2020

Published on Friday, July 5th, 2019

Our presentation evening next year will be on Saturday 16th May 2020
at Aylesham Welfare Bowls Club CT3 3AF

Committee Dates 2019-20

Published on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Meetings next season at Canterbury Bowls Club
Pre-Season 16th September 2019
Pre-AGM 9th March 2020
AGM 27th April 2020

Competition Dates 2019-20

Published on Friday, June 7th, 2019

Oyster Cup Saturday 23rd November 2019
Singles Saturday 25th January 2020
Dusty Miller Pairs Saturday 22nd February 2020
Hugh Bradbury Triples Saturday 21st March 2020
All to be held at Hawkinge Community Centre using Hawkinge Bowls Club mats as normal

Constitution and Rule Changes 2019-20 Season

Published on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Four changes to the Associations constitution and rules were proposed and agreed at the 2019 AGM.

In essence these changes are intended to achieve the following.

1. To allow a Skip to allocate responsibility for completing his sides scorecard, to himself or any member of his team. This is intended to allow any member of a team to complete the teams scorecard, rather than the second as now and to prevent off mat interference from spectators or other players.

2. To allow Club shirts to be worn as an alternative to the whites and greys as presently allowed.

3. To clarify the rule covering foot placement at bowl delivery. A diagram will be included to indicate the restricted area for foot placement, designated the delivery area and to include the delivery mat.

4. To extend the warning required when Forcing, Running and Hard shots are to be played. Protecting the health and safety of players at the receiving end and allowing time for the position of lying bowls to be noted.

These changes will be reflected in an amended addition of the Constitution and Rules to be published before the season starts in October.

Scorecards Another Reminder

Published on Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Our League Secretary continues to have problems with the late arrival of cards and their accuracy.
The aim is to publish accurate weekly Tables and Results and for this to be achieved Scorecards should sent to arrive, either by email or post within 5 days of the match and special attention should be paid to ensure the names of players are entered exactly as shown in your Player Registration Form
Please follow the guidance in our earlier post:- How To Complete A Scorecard

How To Complete A Scorecard

Published on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Our League Secretary is having problems with the way some score cards are being completed. In order to provide guidance and help, we repeat here his advice first published in this years Address and Fixtures Booklet.

Unable to see the PDF click on this link
How To Complete A Score Card

Presentation Evening 2019 – Pictures

Published on Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Click on the sidebar link Association Events/Pictures to view and print pictures from this years Presentation Evening

EKSMBA Picture Galleries

Published on Monday, May 9th, 2016

New picture galleries are available to view on the Competition pages and all Competition Galleries can now be viewed on most computers, including iPads.Use the Firefox browser.

Archive Photos

Published on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

You will now find some old EKSMBA photos displaying in the small 4 picture gallery on the Noticeboard page. This gallery changes each time the page is opened, just hover your mouse pointer over a picture to see its file name and click to see a larger image. There are 55 Archive photos numbered 1-55 available for this random display.

Website Changes 2014

Published on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

As our League Secretary reported at our last Committee Meeting in September the purchase and setup of the new Association Computer has enabled us to review and change our Website over the Summer months.

Most changes are to the structure of the site, made to simplify the annual update of the League part of the site and do not impact on what you see when you visit the site. But there are some changes you should be aware of.

Club Pages can now be accessed from the Home page via the interactive map as well as from the Noticeboard & Diary page.

The Team Standings page has been renamed to Individual Team Results, this better reflects what tables you find if you follow the links, a results table for each league team.
You can now only access these tables from this page as the links from the Division Tables have been removed to simplify the updating process.

You should also notice an improvement to the way the various tables display and print.

Just to finish with a reminder, if you see an error in the Tables or Results please contact Bryan using his email address: email hidden; JavaScript is required this address should be used for all his bowls related correspondence.

My thanks to Ray Owen for his time and effort in making the website changes and his help together with Hugh in setting up the new computer.

It is anticipated that the Officers will meet later in the year to consider the future direction of the website, so if you have any related thoughts on this or possible improvements, please email them to: email hidden; JavaScript is required

October 2014 Updated 2018

Use of New Non-Chip Jacks

Published on Thursday, October 9th, 2014

New Non-Chip Jacks

At our Committee Meeting held on 29th September 2014 it was brought to our attention that some clubs had recently purchased the new non-chip jacks. The clubs concerned asked for verification of use during the 2014/2015 season as they had heard English Short Mat Bowling Association had banned them.

At our meeting it was agreed, confirmed and minuted by the Committee that these jacks would not be permitted to be used in any league games or competitions held by the East Kent Short Mat Bowls Association.

I would like to point out that these jacks have been banned by the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) due to their reaction when hit by a wood. Below is a quote from the ESMBA web site which actually states that the jacks are not permitted for ESMBA competitions at any level.

Please note that the ESMBA does not endorse the jacks that are being sold with a rubber coating. These non-chip jacks do not respond in the same way as our jacks do when they are hit by a wood as they absorb the impact. The use of these jacks is therefore not permitted for ESMBA competitions at any level.”