Division One - Fixtures 13/14

Tuesday 1st october —sunday 20th  october (3 wks)
**Whitstable Oysters vs Whitstable Pearls**
 Eastling Cherries  vs Capel Kiwis
Ash Angels vs Chilham Herons
Minster Hinds vs Aylesham Starlings

monday 21st October—Sunday 3rd november
Arca Lambs vs Eastling Cherries
Whitstable Pearls  vs  Minster Hinds
Ash Angels  vs  Aylesham Starlings
Chilham Herons  vs  Whitstable Oysters

monday 4th November —Sunday 17th November
Eastling Cherries vs Minster Hinds
Aylesham Starlings vs Arca Lambs
Whitstable Oysters vs Ash Angels
Chilham Herons vs Capel Kiwis

monday 18th November—Sunday 8th December (3 wks)
Ash Angels vs Eastling Cherries
Whitstable Pearls vs Capel Kiwis
Whitstable Oysters vs Minster Hinds
Arca Lambs vs Chilham Herons

christmas   break

monday 6th January—Sunday 19th January
Arca Lambs vs  Ash Angels
Whitstable Pearls vs Eastling Cherries
Capel Kiwis vs Minster Hinds
Aylesham Starlings vs Chilham Herons

monday 20th January—Sunday 2nd February
Whitstable Pearls vs Ash Angels
Capel Kiwis vs Arca Lambs
Aylesham Starlings vs Whitstable Oysters
Chilham Herons vs Minster Hinds

monday 3rd February—Sunday 16th February
Chilham Herons vs Eastling Cherries
 Whitstable Oysters vs Capel Kiwis
Aylesham Starlings vs Whitstable Pearls
Minster Hinds vs Arca Lambs

monday 17th February—Sunday 9th march (3 wks)
Eastling Cherries vs Whitstable Oysters
Capel Kiwis vs Aylesham Starlings
Ash Angels  vs Minster Hinds
Whitstable Pearls vs Arca Lsmbs

monday 10th march —sunday 13th april (4 wks)
Eastling Cherries vs Aylesham Starlings
Whitstable Oysters vs Arca Lambs
Chilham Herons vs Whitstable Pearls
Capel Kiwis vs Ash Angels
Season Ends Sunday 13th April
all matches should be played before this date

**Teams from the same club playing each other,
cannot play both matches on the same day.**