League Secretaries Guidelines For Scorers

A new season probably means we have some new teams, skips and scorers.
This may explain why, so far this season, I have received a fair few cards with various errors.
Normally number 2 should score, but if there are any problems another nominated team member can complete the scorecard.
I have put together some guidelines to help.



v the team who is playing at home put their scores in the left hand column

v the team playing away, put their score in the right hand column

v the scores are recorded below the correct team!

v all 15 ends are recorded

v hot shots and tied ends are indicated

v When Skips sign that the SCORES AGREE , they also check that the scores are recorded in the CORRECT COLUMNS and any discrepancies indicated

v cards should be filled in with ink.

v names should be written in full,  initials are not acceptable

v where a club has two teams, the team and not the club is entered at the top

v complete the bottom where it is indicated which Club has sent in the card

v all players are registered to play in the league. 

v a cheque £3.00 payable to EKSMBA should be sent with the card for new registrations

v All score cards reach the League Secretary within 5 working days

For the 2012-2013 Season, score  cards can be scanned and submitted as email attachments. However, if there is any any disagreement or disputed the actual score card will be required by first class post.  

Click to view and print a pdf version of this guideline

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